Child Sponsorship FAQ

What is the purpose of the Casa Shalom Child Sponsorship Program?

The Child Sponsorship Program is a blessing to our children both financially and relationally. Becoming a sponsor helps Casa Shalom financially be able to care for the children that come through our gates. At the same time it gives you the opportunity to create a relationship with one of our beautiful children. You are able to communicate with, learn more about them and support them during their time at Casa Shalom. It means so much to them to know that there is someone who cares deeply for them and has chosen specifically to sponsor them. Your sponsorship is a valuable part of our ministry.

Do I get to choose the child I sponsor?

Yes! All of our children’s photos can be found on our website at the “Children” tab. If there is a child that stands out and you would like more information about their story, feel free to e-mail us.

How do I become a sponsor?

It’s easy! You can set up an automatic recurring donation through our secure payment system by clicking this link: sponsor a child. From there you can fill out the form including the name of the child/ren you are choosing and click “Submit.”

*Please note that your monthly donation will be deducted the same day you set up your sponsorship and then the same day each month thereafter.

How can I communicate with the child I sponsor?

Casa Shalom’s sponsorship program allows a child and their sponsor the opportunity to exchange letters and photos through e-mails.

How often will I hear from my sponsored child?

You can expect a letter, photo or update from your child once every two months. If you send a letter monthly to your child, you can expect to receive a letter back once a month.

How will my sponsorship donation be used?

Your sponsorship donation is used to meet the immediate needs of the children in Casa Shalom, while receiving the care that is vital to their growth and development. Casa Shalom does not use sponsorship donations for capital projects.

Will I be the only person sponsoring the child I’m helping?

At Casa Shalom we believe that sponsors are a huge part in our kids’ lives and can bless them tremendously. Our kids love finding out and knowing that there’s a person or family in the United States that “chose” them and wants to become a part of their lives. Because all of our kids come from broken and abused families, we want to love and encourage them as much as we can. For these reasons we allow our children to have more than one sponsor.

How long will my child sponsorship last?

You determine the length of your personal financial commitment to your child!

May I send gifts to my child?

We encourage it! If you’d like to send an extra one-time donation for gifts or other things for your child, you can do so via the Sponsorship Gifts link. We will then use your donation to shop on your behalf for something special for your sponsored child.

***Please note: due to the fact that Guatemala does not have a working postal service, we do not accept gifts by mail.

Do I have a chance to meet my sponsored child?

Yes! We offer Sponsors Visit Weeks twice a year. There are also opportunities for you to come and visit with a short-term missions team through your church.

Are my contributions to Casa Shalom, including my sponsorship support and gifts, tax-deductible?

Yes. At the beginning of each year, we will send you a statement that includes your donations for the prior year. Please note that all child sponsorship donations will be processed by International Orphan Support (IOS), a registered 501c3 nonprofit.