Casa Shalom is an orphanage located in San Lucas, Guatemala. Children come to Casa Shalom from all parts of the country and come from situations of abandonment, abuse and neglect. We at Casa Shalom seek to provide for the physical, mental, educational, and spiritual needs of each child who enters our gates. Our desire is that every child at Casa Shalom comes to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and that when they eventually leave Casa Shalom as young adults, they will be well-educated, productive, Christian men and women who will become leaders in their country.

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Flori is five-years-old. She came to Casa Shalom in 2012, after being hospitalized for severe malnutrition.  She was abandoned by her family in the hospital and came to Casa Shalom after her release. Flori is a bright, sweet little girl with a wonderful sense  of humor!

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